March for Science

20170422_133718One week ago we participated in the March for Science, here in Madrid. What do we have to do these days, in the middle of the 21st century! But yes!, it seems that science is frowned upon, it seems that we are in recession. You just have to look around to see how many tarot readers are around the corner, how homeopathic clinics and even degrees in homeopathy offered by universities proliferate, how people sell  and use “lucky objects” of all kinds, such as frogs, gems, bracelets and the like.  And even worse, we can see that presidents of nations are scornful about the reality of climate change, the incontestable utility of vaccines, or the evolution of species.

And if this is what happens, for example, in the United States, let see what happens in Spain !… where there is more talk in TV about tourist counting or  weather forecast than about science, where culture is almost exclusively associated with theater, literature, arts in general, but hardly with scientific knowledge. For example, we have a radio programme entitled “the critical eye” (El ojo crítico) in the Public Radio that is advertised as “the cultural program par excellence” of the Spanish broadcasting. Indeed, it is a daily programme between 7 and 8 p.m, indeed, it is a cultural program, but wherein half of the culture is completely forgotten. Contrarily, what about the programme “On giant’s shoulders” (A hombros de gigantes),? a broadcast devoted to scientific dissemination with interviews, news, stories about scientists and their achivements, in a nutshell, science for everyone. It is broadcast live Mondays at 2 a.m.! I have no comment on that!.

It is clear that a journalist – with exceptions – will feel more comfortable interviewing an actor than a physicist, but scientists must make themselves heard, if not to make a journalist to spread science, at least to make people respectful with it. If you do not understand science, at least, do not deny it!. As a banner read: “science is not another alternative”, science is a fact, and is the only option that can save the planet and ourselves.

And as another banner read: “there is no planet B!”

We shall get back to patents shortly!.

Seni Cueto