The awakens of Science

20151219_J VERNE ESFERAWe can forget without regret some of events or facts happened in 2015, for example the number of original Spanish patent applications filed with the Spanish Patent Office. Our hope this new year is that scientific research improves, what means more financial resources, more resources for enterprises, universities and research institutions, more grants, happier researches, more enthusiastic teachers. We really, really expect that the “science force awakens”.

We would not like to forget, however, some other events occurred in 2015. A journey through the work and legacy of a man with one of the biggest imaginations can be made right now in 28 Gran Vïa Street, Madrid. I refer to the Jules Verne exhibition. I personally had the privilege of visiting it with a group of persons accompanied by Miguel Ángel Delgado, one of the organisers and exhibition curator. And if you have the occasion to have Miguel Ángel as a guide, in adidtion of enjoying the visit, you will have the impression that he lived with Mr. Verne most of his life, such is the level of knowledge he has. But not only about Jules Verne as a writer, or as a man, but also about the historic environment including science, nature exploration, technology or literature.

I strongly recommend to spend two hours at Fundación Telefónica in Gran Vïa.

Another recommendable journey to start this year is to go find Luke Skywalker in the last Star Wars movie  While the plot may seem too simple at a first glance, let’s get sentimental and go to find Luke!. Another prodigiously imaginative movie that perhaps we could not enjoy if there hadn’t been before a Jules Verne. Let see for instance a map of the territories imagined by Mr. Verne.


Either of both journeys can be a good proposal to start the year with optimism.

Do not stop imagining! Let imagination and patents fly in 2016!

Seni Cueto