Galileo, Keppler, Newton, do not patent anything…, but they visit Vicálvaro

20151113_201721Last week we celebrated the “Bookstore day”. Bookstores are for some people a rarely visited place. They do not like book smell and they think that books are only for intellectual people, and these “weird and unspired” persons are not to be found  in the streets, or around their houses.

Jarcha is a modest bookstore located in Vicálvaro, an also modest neighbourhood of Madrid.  There is a university campus nearby, but Jarcha has been there for years before the university was set up. Jarcha organises speeches to disseminate science, to disseminate  culture. Last Friday there was a short conference about the history of Science and particularly about Newton. We were about fifty persons in the middle of the room, surrounded by shelves filled with books with the typical paper fresh scent, shelves hidding their treasures, emotions, equations,  inventions, among the pages. We were very close to each other as a gesture of respect to the books. And it was a pleasure to see a number of chidren at the front row, to see the room completely full, and to listen to the children asking questions… “- what is this?”…           “- it is a test tube with a fluorescent reagent…”

To finish the event, our friend Quique Royuela told us about “Principia” a new magazine with a name honoring Newton and created about one year ago for the dissemination of culture. It can be found on the internet, but also in paper. And soon we shall see “Principia Kids”.

We are acustomed to hear that everyday is the “world’s day of something”. With the huge number of events and celebrations our brain discards in a subtle way the information it considers unnecessary or excessive. We hope that books continue to live with us and  that they really share their live with ours.

Congratulations to people who care about culture and spreading culture, congratulations to bookshopers and congratulations to our Jarcha friends. Thank you.

Seni Cueto

19th September 2015