News in 2015: Morocco closer to Europe, and the European patents in an upward trend

marruecosEurope not only stretches to the Canary Islands in the political map, but soon will stretch to the border with Mauritania thank the European Patent Convention (EPC). As of March 1 this year patent applicants will be able to designate Morocco in their European patents.

With the entry of Turkey almost 10 years ago in the European Convention, Europe had already stretched to the border with Iran. In the near future a European patent validated in Morocco will have the effect of a national patent in that country, as it happens in the rest of the EPC members.

And negotiations with Tunisia and Moldova are underway!.

This is another step in the consolidation of the patent system. And particularly in Europe, where the number of filings in 2014 has continued to grow compared to previous years. It has increased in about 3% according to the European Office that will publish official data on 26 February. This growth comes mainly from US applicants who have submitted a 6.7% increase in European applications with regard to the previous year, while applications from European applicants remain virtually unchanged, and from Japanese applicants decreased by 3.8%.

We are not very excited about the figures from Spain, which finally ended 2014 with national patent applications below 3000, i.e. at the level of 1991. We are looking forward to seeing what will happen in 2015. We are as excited as we are with the Hollywood Accademy Awards.

Best of luck everybody and many patents for this year!.

Seni Cueto