Patents, patents, more patents!. Delphion.

lbreriaWe devoted our previous article on patent and scientific / technological databases to Thompson Reuters (more specifically Derwent and WOK). Just a final comment on Derwent: If we want to make a real single Derwent search we must, before searching the full Derwent collection, submit a billing activation form, agreeing to the terms of use and see the information on pricing.

A meaningful search in Derwent could be made in the Derwent Innovation Index, so that we simultaneously search patent and scientific literature.

We would like to take a new step in our journey through patent database collections. Let’s focus our attention on Delphion today. What you will read below can be found at the Delphion web site, but of course, not at a glance!

Delphion was originally an IBM database, but it is nowadays handled by Thompson Reuters. It contains exclusively patent literature. We can find therein information – and “information” herein does not mean the fulltext and images in all the cases – on:            – United States applications and  patents since 1790,                                                           – German applications and patents since 1968,                                                                     – European applications since 1979 and European patents since 1980,                          – abstracts of Japanese patents since October 1976,                                                           – PCT applications since 1990                                                                                                    – Swiss patents since 1978 and                                                                                                 – INPADOC information. INPADOC is a database created and maintained by the European Patent Office that contains patent family documents from 71 world patent signatories and legal status information from 42 patent offices.  It is publicly available.

A basic suscription to DELPHION costs  US $ 181 a month (Delphion Premier), and the most complete suscription costs US $ 361  a month (Delphion Unlimited).

One cannot say that it is cheap taking into account that we can consult INPADOC for free (which includes information on patents from the former German Democratic Republic for example since at least 1950, as we shall see if a future article), as well as the United States Patent Office web site for the search of US patents and applications, and similarly visit other national patent office web sites for national patents. This is worth considering when taking into account that the countries mentioned above are countries with a web site that allows to effect the same search as through Delphion (in any case, no patents available from Uruguay, for example, previous to year 2000, which also count as state of the art documents!). From this point of view, and also, bearing in mind that  a search is never perfect, one can have doubts about Delphion being the most recomendable data collection for effective searches. Of course, the free accession to all these collections instead of searching them through Delphion will be more time consuming. It is a question of deciding what we do prefer: saving time or money.

Finally, the possibility must be mentioned to freely register at Delphion with access to US patents and to the search by number to international patents. The problem is that to search by number, you previously need to have searched in another database to find out the number!.

                           Seni Cueto